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             Gracilaria Hayi

Rigid flame shaped branches that form a tight symmetrical bush. Due to being lightly calcified, it is not normally eaten by marine grazers such as tangs and dwarf angles. Sold at $10/pint.                

In Cultivation.


Red Grapes

Botryocladia is an outstanding specimen in marine aquarium, it fetures a stiff, lightly calcified branches with bright red air bladders. You will receive a portion that is about 2-3" in diameter for $15.

                       Live Rock

This rock is part of our AQR Premium Economy Limestone line, it was collected here in the hill country of Texas and aged in our system for 18 months.
Aged for 6 months - $3 per pound
Aged for 12 months - $4 per pound
Aged for 18 months - $5 per pound

Item Currently Out of Stock

 Feather Caulerpa (paspaloides)
This green feather caulerpa macro algae sells for $10 per pint.

Not Available at the moment.


Caulerpa Proliferia

This green macro algae sells for $10/pint.  

In Cultivation.

          Dragons Breath

This beautiful macroalgae has red flame shaped blades, it is very edible to Tangs and Angels. It can attach but also thrives in a tumble environment. Sold at $15 per pint.

In Cultivation.

                Coraline Rock

This great rock is vibrant with all the multicolor coraline and the red Bryozoa moss which will spread in your high nutrient system.

Item Currently Out of Stock