About Curated Live Rock

Our Premium line of exotic Live Rock,  is grouped into 3 levels.

Level 1 is our most exotic and decorative Live Rock. It is diver-collected SELECT (best of the best) hand manicured Live Rock which includes a 60-day isolation, visual inspection, pruning and hand curating. This is our most expensive display tank accessory rock and one or two pieces  of our Premium Live Rock provides not only extreme biodiversity, but a gorgeous centerpiece for you aquarium.

Level 2 is custom seeded Dry Rock cured for 6 months in our 8000 gallon marine tank which simulates Gulf coast conditions using natural sunlight inside a greenhouse. This rock has heavy corraline encrusting along with decorative macros, sponges and/or corals at ours or customer's discretion.

Level 3 is custom seeded Dry Rock seeded for 3 months in our 8000 gallon maine tank with light corraline coverage and no extraneous or curated macros, corals, or sponges. This is our most economical base rock and is perfect for adding to an existing Level 1 or Level 2 collection.

 Level 1    

Notice the variety of sponges and hard corals on these Level 1 LR. The Caribbean attached corals are only available on this farmed rock.  
This gorgeous rock came loaded with exotic macros like Dragons Breath and Red Grape Caulerpa. Also shown is Gorgonian and numreous yellow, red and orange sponges.
 Level 2    
This hand curated Dry Rock was decorated to customer's specifications and included a variety of mushrooms and red macros.  
Another custom curated rock includes Kenya tree with green macros.
 Level 3    

This Florida collected Bimini limestone Dry Rock is at 2 month curing and already shows signs of corraline and some attached macros.  
This is a fully mature Level 2 Live Rock shows heavy corraline encrusting.

Live Rock is no longer offered at this location. Thank you for support.