I received some macros from Subsea's company Aquaculture ranch around two months ago and just wanted to give an update that all came in beautifully and have now grown out to great proportions. Patrick was professional, knowledgeable, and generous with portions. His prices can't be beat, not even by I will be ordering from him again and encourage everyone on RC to do so. 

There was a 3 day shipping delay, due to this he sent me all my plants free! There isn't a company I know of with better customer service. The prolifera he sent is doing great, but the gracilaria hayi has really taken off and at the time of this post I have two bush sized colonies in separate tanks. This picture is from 3 weeks ago, and they have already doubled in size since then. Patrick sells a quality product, and has a ton of premium live rock with rare and unusual hitchikers that are worth a look. I highly recommend him as a concientious, expert macro supplier.

Thanks Patrick!