At present, we have 3 Green Macros and 3 Red Macros in production.

  Caulerpa Peltata

This display algae is found in low light habitats. It is not palatable to fish. We recommend growing on the substrate and not on the live rock.
  Caulerpa Prolifera

A distinctive dark green, flat bladed algae that resembles oar grass. This display algae also works well as a utilitarian algae in a refugium. It is a very fast grower, and has a high nutrient uptake. It is somewhat palatable to fish, in particular tangs and dwarf angels.

  Caulerpa Paspaloides

A feather caulerpa, this highly edible macro is a good nutrient uptake and fast growing algae which should be kept in a refugium. Because of the speed of growth, this caulerpa in prone to going sexual more than other macros.
  Gracilaria Hayi

This beautiful red macro rivals Dragons Breath algae. As a premium display algae, it has rigid flame shaped branches which support a tight symmetrical bush. It is lightly calcified and is not eaten by fish and invertebrates.
  Botryocladia botrydides

Also known as Red Grape Caulerpa, is an outstanding specimen that does very well in your saltwater aquarium. It resembles a cluster of grapes and is a dark red display tank macro which grows fairly fast and is not readily eaten by fish or invertebrates.
  Halymenia dilitata

Commonly known as Dragon's Tongue, this gorgeous and highly desirable macro has striking flame shaped blades. It is very edible to Tangs and Angels. 

In the aquarium, it seldom attaches so it must be anchored or allowed to tumble as free floating specimens.