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Expertly manicured Florida curated live rock.

    Our Live Rock is hand collected in Florida and imported direct to our facilities, in the HIll Country of Texas.

  It is the most amazing and bio-diverse rock you may ever see– with a variety of attached Caribbean corals and fauna, some of which are unavailable anywhere in the world.

    With just under 10,000 gallons of marine tanks, allows us extensive research and development to study and grow a variety of display and utilitarian macros. Our current selection of Macroalgae is available for view and purchase.

Please visit our Macroalgae section to learn more about all our macro offerings.

    Aquaculture Ranch takes advantage of sustainable reef-keeping methodologies to provide our customers with the exotic hand manicured Florida collected Live Rock, which includes Caribbean hard corals.

We are a zero discharge facility with make up water from the Trinity Aquifier.